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About Car Seat Clinic

Serving Richmond, Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield & Beyond.

What is Car Seat Clinic?

Car Seat Clinic is your go-to resource for guidance on car seat safety for your family. You get to work with a Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician to ensure all the technical aspects of car seat safety are implemented. Whether you are expecting your first child and need help choosing a car seat compatible with you vehicle, or you are simply unsure if your child is ready to move to the next stage of car seat progression, Car Seat Clinic will help guide you so you feel confident you are safe with each and every ride!

What does it mean to be CPST certified?

CPS technicians are certified by the National Child Passenger Safety Certification Training Program; a partner with Safe Kids Worldwide, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the National Child Passenger Safety Board.

Why should I work with a CPST?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates between 75-90% of car seats are incorrectly installed. A car seat is one of the only baby devices that is needed SPECIFICALLY for the protection and safety of your child.


Don’t second guess anything when it comes to the installation and car seat safety of your child. Work with an expert so you can feel confident every single ride!

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Meet Rachel

Registered Nurse & Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST)


When I became a pediatric nurse in December 2015, I thought I knew ALL the basics and more about the health and safety of young children. One short month later in January of 2016, I became a first-time mother and soon came to find that there was so much more to learn. 

Of all of the things I learned as a nurse, the safe installation and proper usage of a car seat was never even mentioned and I quickly realized it entailed so much more than snapping buckles.

It wasn't until after my second child arrived, and my first child 'graduated' to a convertible car seat, that I found myself at a local fire station asking for help with our car seats. Unfortunately, I got shrugged shoulders from firefighters that were just as confused as I was. 

How was this possible? A car seat is the one baby item that parents buy specifically for safety; and yet, a registered nurse and a group of dedicated firefighters couldn't confidently secure my most precious cargo into a child restraint. 

At The Car Seat Clinic, I want to make sure parents feel peace of mind when they buckle the most important piece of cargo into their car (or other transportation)!